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iGECCO 2021 - Call for Papers

Call for Papers INTERACTIVE METHODS @ GECCO (iGECCO 2021) 2021 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO-2021) July 10th-14th, Online-only Conference Organized by ACM SIGEVO Deadline for this workshop: April 12th, 2021   Aim and Scope As nature-inspired methods have evolved, it has become clear that optimising towards a quantified fitness function is not always feasible, particularly where part or all of the evaluation of a candidate solution is inherently subjective. This is particularly the case when applying search algorithms to problems such as the generation of art and music. In other more traditional application areas, optimising to a fitness function might result in a highly optimal solution that is not well suited to implementation in the real world. Incorporating human expertise into the optimisation process can yield useful results in both examples, and accordingly the work on interactive optimisation methods has