iGECCO – A Workshop on Interactive Evolution at GECCO 2019

Nature-inspired algorithms are powerful problem-solvers where a mathematical formulation of a problem can be developed.  However, for some applications, particularly in the arts and humanities, human subjectivity is required to enable the algorithms to produce useful outputs for human consumption.  Examples of this exist in evolutionary art, music and product design where the challenge for researchers is to develop systems that will make best use of user inputs but reduce human fatigue in interacting with the algorithm.  Furthermore, interactive evolution is beginning to be used in other, more scientific domains where the expression of objectives and constraints in a computable function is non-trivial or impossible.  This workshop will explore the development of nature-inspired techniques where human interaction plays a part in shaping the algorithm, solution development or selecting final solutions that meet human subjective criteria.  We aim to host an exciting and varied event at GECCO 2019 with keynote speakers, regular papers, events and demonstrations relating to the latest thinking in the development of interactive nature inspired systems.   We look forward to seeing you there!


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