Keynote Details

We are pleased to confirm that our keynote talk will be delivered by Prof. Jim Smith from the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.

Interactive Memetic Algorithms for optimisation, design, and modelling

Interactive Evolutionary Algorithms have been successfully applied in many applications where the measure of ‘quality' is a user’s satisfaction. However, people often get bored, or frustrated by over-simplistic tools, and even with the best intentions, their judgements become less consistent over time.

Key to maintaining engagement is to offer a richer form of human-machine teaming that can: support other paradigms such as one-shot learning; take account of human frailties; and above all offer more transparent human-machine collaboration.

Using a series of examples drawn from different application domains, I will argue that the Memetic paradigm offers an ideal way to support a richer range of interactions. Interactive MAs can be applied to ’straight-forward’ optimisation/design problems, and also to model creation within ‘active machine learning’.

I will also show how incorporating different multi-modal interfaces such as eye-trackers let us create tools that can serve a range of goals: from rapid optimisation to prolonged exploration; from extreme personalisation, to the creation of shared knowledge in a multiple-party human-machine team.


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