iGECCO - This Sunday

We are looking forward to welcoming participants to the first edition of iGECCO this weekend. The workshop will be held at 08:30 on Sunday 14th July, and the schedule for the session is as follows:
  • 08:30 - 09:00: "Human-Evolutionary Problem Solving through Gamification of a Bin Packing Problem" (Nicholas Ross, Edward Keedwell, Dragan Savic, Matthew Barrie Johns)
  • 09:00 - 09:30: "An Intuitive and Traceable Human-based Evolutionary Computation System (Kei Ohnishi, Tomohiro Yoshikawa, Tian-Li Yu) for Solving Problems in Human Organizations"
  • 09:30 - 10:20: Keynote talk by Prof. Jim Smith
There will be time for questions associated with each of the presentations.


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